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Scientific breakthrough beer concentrate is perfect for camping and/or space travel

Because sometimes you just can't carry the weight of a six pack, or face the weightlessness of space without a Buzz (case in point: Neil Armstrong), beer concentrate is under development to satisfy both backpackers and jet-packers.

This unassuming water bottle is essentially a Sodastream in disguise. Add packets of carbonation/activation powder to plain ol' H20, then give it a shake, and you've got a bottle of beer.
Currently the offerings stop at root beer to ginger ale, but the real magic is about to launch. In mid-September they'll unveil a pair of beer concentrates in black IPA and pale ale varieties with the alcohol equivalent of a distilled spirit, but made using a unique fermentation process in order to taste like an honest-to-goodness micro-brew when given a few shakes in the carbonator. And although this is mainly aimed at the nature-loving crowd who also likes said nature to be a little blurry, it will surely make a fine Tang alternative.

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