What's the deal with the Seinfeld Coffee Shop documentary?

Proving that graphic designers for good-looking men's lifestyle sites aren't the only ones obsessed with the food of Seinfeld (check out graphic depictions here!), there's now a documentary that shines a light on Seinfeld's favorite diner: Tom's Restaurant.

Tom's Restaurant: A Documentary About Everything
Although best known as the home of the big salad, the large-breasted waitresses, and the clams casino (chef recommends!), the humble cafe has been serving Manhattan's Morningside Heights neighborhood since the '40s, when television was as black and white as the cookies at Schnitzer's Bakery. Barack Obama ate there when he was in college at Columbia. John McCain frequented before he had bitter hatred for Barack Obama. And Suzanne Vega called the restaurant out for its stingy coffee pours in the song "Tom's Diner".

The Documentary About Nothing Everything features interviews with some of the spot's most illustrious patrons (Cornel West, NASA scientists, some guitar player who was on Letterman) as well as charming regulars and less charming regulars (recovering from crack addiction!). Sadly the cast of Seinfeld didn't participate in the doc. Instead they got the writers behind Modern Seinfeld, which, like most Twitter accounts, is about nothing.

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