We spiked a Shamrock Shake with three types of Irish booze

Shamrock Shake and booze
All photos by Lee Breslouer

Here's an abbreviated list of things that claim to be from Ireland that might not be from there at all: Irish Spring soap, many residents of the city of Boston, and the Shamrock Shake. To help give something decidedly faux-Irish a more authentic kick in the trousers, we took three boozes that are actually from Ireland and combined them with the most Americany-Irish concoction: McDonald's Shamrock Shake.

Would the shake be improved by the booze, or would it make us never want to drink again? Let's find out...

Baileys Irish Cream

Tasting notes: A mix of cream and Irish whiskey, Baileys seemed like it'd blend well with the already-creamy Shamrock Shake. When we tasted it, the Baileys almost overpowered the spearmint in the Shamrock Shake. These flavors might work better in a warm drink served at Starbucks.
Verdict: Not enough Shamrock flavors for our tastes, but still solid. We'll score this 1 out of 4-leaf clovers.

Jameson and a Shamrock Shake

Tasting notes: If you love the sensation of whiskey going down your throat, but aren't too much a fan of the taste, get yourself some Jameson and throw it in a Shamrock Shake. The spearmint completely drowns out the smell of the whiskey, but the familiar whiskey flavors are still present.
Verdict: A creamy delight we'll be drinking more of come March. We'll rate this 4 out of 4-leaf clovers.

Guinness poured into a Shamrock Shake

Tasting notes: We were nervous about this one going in. Guinness is one of our favorite beers, and it'd be a shame to ruin a perfectly good pint. We were greeted with a little taste of smokiness and a lot of sweet, which made us feel like we were doing an Irish Car Bomb with peppermint schnapps instead of Baileys.
Verdict: Way better than we expected. We'll score this 3 out of 4-leaf clovers.

Don't just spike your Shamrock Shake with Irish booze, spike all your milkshakes with your nectar of choice from the Emerald Isle. You can't go wrong.

Lee Breslouer writes about food and drink for Thrillist, and thinks it'd be cool if McDonald's made the Shamrock Shake with real shamrocks. Follow him @LeeBreslouer, because you can't make up a name that good.