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A beer recommendation engine that will beat your ass

A good friend is never afraid to tell you the truth, which means the new SIDTFB beer recommendation engine is about to be your BFF FOR LIFE. Just type any beer into its pleasantly minimalist interface, and it will tell you your taste sucks in the most brutal possible way, and then helpfully offer something you should be drinking instead. Here's a sampling of what it thought of a number of beers.Beer Input Into Site: Rolling RockBeer Suggested Instead: Lake Erie Monster, Great Lakes BrewingInsult Given: I hope you piss your pants.Beer Input Into Site: Labatt BlueBeer Suggested Instead: Great Northern Porter, Summit Brewing CoInsult Given: Crumplec**t (Ed note: What the site actually insulted us with did not have asterisks. YOWZA!!!!)Beer Input Into Site: Ed Hardy Premium BeerBeer Suggested Instead: Red Hoptober, New BelgiumInsult Given: This is the reason you are alone.Beer Input Into Site: SchlitzBeer Suggested Instead: Cascadian Dark Ale, Mac & Jack's BreweryInsult Given: I bet you were born on a dirt floor.Thanks, SIDTFB!!!

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