Crisp and refreshing.

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This classic British beertail mixes equal parts lager and apple cider in a pint glass for a light and refreshing bev. In the United States, the Snakebite is more commonly made with a heavier, darker beer—like a stout—instead of the crisp lagers used in its English counterpart. Regardless of your preferences, cider is in the mix.

To add an extra kick of flavor and booziness, some bartenders will incorporate a few dashes of blackcurrant liqueur to the top of the drink. No matter how it’s prepared, though, the Snakebite’s citrusy punch will surely live up to its name.



  • Lager or Stout
  • Cider


Step one

Fill a chilled beer glass halfway full with cider.

Step two

Top the cider with choice of beer—preferably lager or stout—and serve.

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