The Best Way To Drink Soju Is In This Beer Cocktail

The Soju Bomb packs a huge punch.

soju bomb cocktail recipe
Photo by Marisa Chafetz for Supercall

Don't judge a Bomb by its cover. The Soju Bomb (aka Somaek) resembles its cousin, the Sake Bomb, when the shot is posed on chopsticks above a glass (or lined up in an epic Seoul Train). But the difference in flavor and ABV is significant. Soju packs a bigger punch than sake, coming in at two to three times the proof. It's also paired with feathery light Korean beer (local favorites are Cass Fresh and Hite), which requires a very specific ratio of spirit to brew: three parts soju to seven parts beer, to be exact. Achieve this perfect formula, and you'll experience the puzzling chemistry that makes the drink so popular. The combination brings out the sweetness of the beer, smooths the grainy edges of the soju, and makes the tall glass oh-so easy to slam down.

Soju Bomb



  • 1.5 oz soju
  • 3.5 oz Beer


Step one

Pour beer into pint glass.

Step two

Pour soju into shot glass.

Step three

Perch two chopsticks on the top of the pint glass and rest the shot on top.

Step four

Slam your hands on either side of the glass to drop in the shot, then drink.

Contributed by Supercall