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Whiskey: on the rocks or on the Statue of Liberty

Not content to simply provide the spirits that make up your cocktail, Japanese spirits magnate Suntory -- which owns Jim Beam, Maker's Mark, Campari, Kahlua, and other brands -- has unleashed perhaps the coolest cocktail ice sculptures ever. The Suntory brass teamed up with marketing firm TBWA Hakuhodo to commission a series of 15 mini ice sculptures that includes the selections above, as well as a shark, a mermaid, and even the Great Sphinx of Giza. Though they were inspired by the 3D printing trend, these things didn't come out of a LaserJet; instead, they were carved with a CNC router (a computer-controlled cutting machine) over several hours in a studio set at 19°F.

While the ice isn't available for purchase (booooo!), the ideas came from fans who submitted personal essays on important moments in their lives where liquor played a role, which means a whiskey rock of the giant Señor Frog you stole on Spring Break '05 might be next.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer at Thrillist, and thinks Suntory should do a sitcom cube series next. Follow her to Huxtables ice art at @kristin_hunt.