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Surge Soda Is Now Back on Store Shelves

Published On 09/08/2015 Published On 09/08/2015
Adam Lapetina/Thrillist

Surge, the citrus-flavored soda with a nuclear green glow, is back. And for real this time.

A year after Coca-Cola resurrected the cult-favorite cans of sweet '90 nostalgia for online-only sales on Amazon, Surge is now hitting store shelves across the country as part of an official comeback campaign -- dare we say a resurgence. The sugary development comes just months after the soft drink giant's competition hinted at bringing back its own long-lost elixir, Crystal Pepsi. Could this be the first sip of the throwback soda war?

As of Tuesday afternoon, the official Surge website shows the beverage is already available at retailers across the Midwest, Great Plains, South, and a few shops in the Northeast. The Mountain Dew competitor was discontinued shortly after the turn of the century due to crashing sales; however, fans quickly bought out initial Amazon supplies last year despite the $14 price tag for a 12-pack, according to a report by CNN Money.

A few people have already posted #surgecomeback photos on Instagram:


Happened to find this in Elgin, IA today #surge #surgecomeback

A photo posted by Reger (@xxregerxx)

Your move, Crystal Pepsi.

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