Cans of good beer are no longer impossible to find, and cans of wine can be aiiight, but there's a third canned booze option that you need to know about, especially if you're named Thorgerd: mead.

Redstone Meadery just released three varieties of canned mead, the sweet, delicious booze made from honey that both Vikings not named Visanthe Shiancoe and the Greek gods drank in large quantities. So we just needed to taste-test it.

Bigger than a standard can (A "candard"? No, absolutely not.), but not quite as massive as a tallboy, the 16.9ozers come from a Boulder, CO-based meadery in three flavors: Black Raspberry, Sunshine, and Nectar of the Hops.

Each weighs in at 8% ABV, and all go down incredibly, impressively smooth. The Nectar of the Hops style has a nice hoppy bite at the end, was once named one of the best hoppy beers in the country (even though it's not a beer...) by DRAFT Magazine, and can be mixed with OJ for a tastier, plunder-ier take on the mimosa.

Their best-selling mead, the Black Raspberry, is on the fruitier side of things, but not in a sickly sweet way like a wine cooler or those Necco Wafers grandma keeps in her purse. Pro tip: adding one part mead to two parts chocolate stout will improve both drinks while also getting you buzzed faster.

The Sunshine is infused with apricots after fermentation, giving it a flavor that's tarter than the Black Raspberry. Tell everyone: mead bust at Valhalla tonight.