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The 5 most freaked out reactions to the telekinetic coffee shop prank

Published On 10/08/2013 Published On 10/08/2013
Telekinetic coffee shop prank woman

By now, you've likely seen the "Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise" publicity stunt mounted by the Carrie peeps, and laughed at all the terrified reactions that you would NEVER have done yourself, since you are Cyclops and date Jean Grey and are used to this kind of stuff. Each of the unsuspecting patrons has a pretty great scream face, but some are more glorious than others. We rounded up the five spare-me-Satan-iest for your gawking pleasure, plus added some ideas on what that person might've been thinking. Feel free to leave your own speculative thought bubbles in the comments.

"The soy milk swirl in my latte foretold this doom!"

"He actually spilled coffee on her BRAND NEW LAPTOP?! I think it was a Texas Instruments!!"

"'Cause I am a champion and you're gonna hear me roaaaaAAAAAHHHHH"

"Oh sh&#t! Wait, why is my mouth blurry and bleepy?! LEAVE ME ALONE MOUTH BLUR DEMONS!!!"

"I didn't want to die in this jean jacket! I wanted to die in my other, more pre-weathered jean jacket!!"



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