The 8 secrets to beating everyone in flip cup

There are two ways to become a superior flip cup player: flip huge cups made from lead for 14 hours a day, or read these tips from our expert flip cup player, a guy who was on the winning team of the 2013 World Series of Flip Cup -- a tourney they've won seven times. Here's how to dominate: 1. Have a beer Our flip cup svengali Dave says you should have a little bit of beer before a big tourney. He recommends a beer or two to loosen up/be able to look people in the face without flinching.

picking a teammate at flip cup

2. Team up
Unlike in beer pong, where choosing a tall teammate is critical, in flip cup, selecting a ripped dude who's 6'6" doesn't necessarily help you, as you have to bend down and get closer to the table anyways when the game begins. Dave says to find someone with a "competitive spirit", but not an American Spirit, as they'll just be wheezing and coughing a lot.

3. Everyone in their right place
The position your best player should be in at the table depends on if you're playing in a tourney or at a house party. If it's in a tourney, Dave recommends putting the best flipper first to intimidate the other team. For a party, he says to stick 'em in the middle, especially if your house rules state that the lineup must shift from game to game (aka the first person in line for the 1st game must go last in the 2nd). Basically, you want them to play as often as possible.

4. Be prepared
Here's how Dave sets himself up to flip (and remember, he's a pro): he stands about 6" from the table with his left foot forward, right foot back, and knees bent. When the person before him is flipping, he has his hand around the cup, but not touching it (because that's cheating!!!).

guy drinking beer in a flip cup game

5. Beer goes in your mouth
Drinking the beer should be the last thing on your mind when it's your turn to flip. Just throw it in your mouth and worry about swallowing it later. Focus on the flip, not the sip. We just made that phrase up, but it sounds accurate because it rhymes.

6. Flip for it
Flipping is a two-handed process. Pick the cup up and set it down with the same hand, and flip with the other. That way there's no wasted movements setting and flipping with the same hand. And NEVER try to flip the cup twice, unless you want to look like a n00b and have the entire flip cup community shun you.

7. Two fingers for success
This champion-approved technique will have you flipping perfectly. Rest two-thirds of your middle finger under the bottom rim of the cup, and make sure to keep it slightly bent. Our expert says this allows greater control during the whole flip because it allows more of your finger to stay on the cup longer; this technique lifts the cup instead of just blindly tapping it, like some sort of fool! For novices, he'd recommend the use of both index and middle fingers, as it'll stop the cup from rolling left or right off your finger. Also make sure to keep your elbow and arm both flat and perpendicular to the table. After each flip, you should be ready to flip again if necessary. That's critical.

guy pouring a beer from a pitcher

8. Stress-free and loving it
When you're flipping and the cup just isn't landing properly, the best thing to do is focus. Do not get upset. This is difficult to do, but it's even harder to flip perfectly when you're pissed off at yourself. Alternately, if you see a teammate struggling, don't scream at them. Whisper in their ear these three words to calm them down: "I'll murder you!!!" "Take your time".