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Are You Drinking Your Coffee at the Wrong Time?


Did you have coffee this morning? How are you feeling? Just okay? You probably drank it at the wrong time, because clearly you have no respect for science.

That's right, there are specific times of day that are optimal for caffeine intake, and a new video from AsapSCIENCE breaks down when and why. It's all about cortisol levels (cortisol is a hormone related to your alertness). These levels peak during certain times, including 8-9am. Drinking coffee at peak cortisol-production times will lessen the effect of the caffeine and will make you more dependent on coffee in the long term.

These are the blocks of time when you should AVOID drinking coffee:




Any time outside of these blocks, KNOCK YOURSELF OUT. But don't have like, 15 cups. Get it together, you have things to do.

h/t Fast Company

Lucy Meilus is a staff writer for Thrillist. She drank four coffees while writing this, but it's okay, because it was at the right time, guys. Follow her on Twitter at @Lucymeilus and send news tips to