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The Best Day of Your Life, now on video

On Friday, June 21st, Thrillist declared a new national holiday: The Best Day of Your Life. Thousands of Americans who weren’t feeling even mildly under-the-weather called in sick, then embarked on an itinerary that filled every daylight hour with joy -- “joy” being a code word for steaming coffee, cold brews, and extravagant amounts of dim sum. For one beautiful sunrise-to-sunset, #BDOYL overtook #YOLO as the most uplifting hashtag on Twitter. If you joined us on that momentous day, watch this video to remind yourself what a great decision lying to your boss was. If you didn’t make it, watch this video and see what can happen when people all over the country come together in their desire to have craft beer at 11am.

Most importantly: start getting ready for the Best Night of Your Life, coming this December. That’s a Saturday, so you won’t have to lie to your boss, but if you only do the things you have to do, it won't really be the Best Night of Your Life, will it?