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The easiest home-brewing kit ever

Published On 12/19/2013 Published On 12/19/2013

Mr. Beer Premium Edition Brewing Kit 

You've always wanted to try brewing beer at home, but then you realized that takes research, planning, and a ton of equipment you're likely to never use again, and who really has time for that? Not you. You're a busy man with friends, and good taste in television shows, who knows how to get things done efficiently with little to no effort.

Enter the reusable Mr. Beer Kit — in two weeks you'll have two gallons of brew from your first batch, and can effortlessly purchase refills of your favorite lagers, stouts, ales, porters, and pilsners. They'll also tout special craft refills like the Diablo IPA or the Bewitched Amber Ale, perfect for when someone brings up the sanctity of Samantha and Darrin Stephens' relationship.



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