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Duff Beer From 'The Simpsons' Is Officially Becoming a Real Drink

Despite jumping at every possible merchandising opportunity in the past, 20th Century Fox has stopped short of producing actual Simpsons-brand Duff Beer in the past, stating it would be "detrimental to children." However, the media giant's finally broken down in response to the scores of counterfeits available in Europe, South America, and Mexico, announcing its plans to bring Duff to the real world.

The new Duff's packaging will lack any overt references to the show beyond the beer's iconic logo, and while its fictional counterpart is notorious for its questionable quality, a Fox executive told the Wall Street Journal they intended to make Duff a legit brew, remarking on its deep golden color and caramel aromatics.

Before you stock up on a lifetime supply of Duff, though, you should know that upon its initial release, the official beer will only be available in Chile -- one of the main hotspots for counterfeit Duff. From there, Fox plans to expand throughout South America and into Europe by early 2016, and while they haven't announced specific plans to launch the beer in the US, they'd have to be idiots not to.

Until that day comes, you'll have to hit up the Universal Studios Duff Brewery in Orlando or Los Angeles if you wanna break your Duffless dry spell -- even though the "Duff" there won't be identical to the official product.

(h/t Rolling Stone)

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