This $2K Hair of the Dog barleywine is 29% ABV, and you should obviously totally buy it

Hair of the Dog Dave barleywine

Time to dust off that stack of Benjamins you've been stashing in your Captain Planet lunchbox for a ridiculously extravagant purchase. Hair of the Dog's super rare, 29% ABV barleywine "Dave" recently raised its price, and will now set you back $2000.Loyal followers of the Portland brewers can tell you that Dave is as elusive as it is absurdly expensive. Only a couple bottles of Dave are brewed each year, and those elite few are put up to auction. The bids have skyrocketed over the years from $80 in 1998 to $1500 in 2010, but this year's batch hit a new high. Hair of the Dog put up 12 bottles, starting the bids at two grand a pop... and sold them all in a few hours.So what's making beer lovers drop dolla dolla bills for this stuff? Well, on top of Dave's bonkers ABV, it boasts an intense aging process. The suds are aged for 19yrs, first in oak barrels, and then in glass bottles. Plus, only 100gal were produced back in '94, so eventually Dave will be a serious collector's item.This year's auction is up, but keep an eye out in 2014 for a beer so expensive, it might as well come with diamond-plated grillz.