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This barware's so awesome it can party on its own

Dave Presley

Because drinking from regular solo cups and taking shots out of "normal" glassware is for pretentious elitists, we've rounded up some cartoonishly awesome goods that range from toxic shooters to canoflauge wraps intended to discreetly conceal that delicious BL Lime.

Dave Presley
1. Big Mouth Toys Get Bombed Shot Glass Set  2. Big Mouth Toys Toxic Waste Shot Glass Set

If Wile E. Coyote and Pepé Le Pew met up at the bar, they'd probably have a lot to talk about, like the thrill of the chase, or how Acme products are kinda bogus. Then they'd cheers and Wile E.'s shot glass would inevitably explode in his face.

Leighton Pope
Big Mouth Toys Hide-A-Beer Can Wraps

"Oh hey guys… this? Why, it's just my delicious sodium- and calorie-free J&S seltzer that doesn't suspiciously smell like beer in the slightest! Anyone up for some seltzer pong?!"

Leighton Pope
Big Mouth Toys Gigantic Red Party Cup

In case anyone had any doubts as to why you showed up, just stare at them blankly, abruptly point to the cup, grab their shirt by the collar, chug contents, don't break eye contact.

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