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This Side of Paradise: A Modern Spin on a Classic Prohibition Cocktail

In honor of Amazon’s new original series, Z: The Beginning of Everything, based on the colorful life of Zelda Fitzgerald, we decided to reimagine some of the classic cocktails imbibed during the glitz and glamor of the Jazz Age. It was during this time that Zelda met F. Scott and their tumultuous relationship took flight. We tasked prohibition-cocktail-expert bartender Lucinda Sterling to craft three cocktails worthy of this era, and the literary lovebirds who loved to drink. Below is a video and recipe for the original cocktail This Side of Paradise, named after F. Scott Fitzgerald's debut novel. The inspiration of the ingredients is a southern twist on an Old Fashioned. The rum and tropics elicit notions of paradise.

This Side of Paradise

2 ounces dark rum,
1/2 ounce pear liqueur,
1 full dropper Rhubarb Bitters
Orange twist
1. Using a jigger, build the ingredients in a whiskey glass without ice in the following order: rhubarb bitters, pear liqueur, dark rum
2. Carefully add a chip of the block ice to a whiskey glass
3. Garnish with an orange twist, resting some of the oil from the twist onto the top of the ice.
4. Insert the orange zest onto the side of the ice with the orange peel facing in, but toward the back of the glass so that the first sip allows you to smell the orange oil
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