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This Video Shows How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee, Every Time

Coffee -- some studies say it's good for you, some studies say it's bad for you. One thing is certain: it makes you poop. But we all keep coming back to help take on Monday mornings and stay up late enough to catch all those amazing infomercials where ordinary people are horribly incompetent at everyday tasks.

And to that end, nobody should drink crappy coffee. This video, created by AndOrange Motion Design, whimsically details the optimal way to make a cup of joe, through six different devices: French press, Chemex, AeroPress, Moka pot, pour-over, and vacuum pot. The delightful animations show the correct brewing time and grind size -- all in a succinct package. 

Watch, drink, and be merry. And regular, too.

Wil Fulton is a Staff Writer for Thrillist. He likes his coffee like he likes his ladies. Very rich and from another country. Follow him @wilfulton

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