Turns out James Bond was a total asshat for ordering his martinis that way

Sean Connery James Bond

Everyone knows the line. A martini, shaken, not stirred. And while alcohol in general does the same to just about everyone, that specific cocktail order made James Bond one extremely confident idiot

In honor of National Martini Day, we drank 400 chocolatinis each asked mixology experts whether a martini should be shaken or stirred, and said barmen were unanimous: Bond is wrong. Stir it, you jag

According to Andres Santillana, head bartender at The LCL Bar & Kitchen, the basic rule of thumb is to shake anything with citrus or juice in order to aerate the cocktail and get the proper texture. But when it comes to your classic martini (ease up, Cheesecake Factory!!), stirring is the way to go. "You want to stir it because you can control how much water is in the cocktail and how much you dilute the cocktail," Andres says. "If you just shake it, you have no idea and it becomes cloudy and ugly. It really just waters it down.

Booker & Dax bar captain Nick Bennett concurs. Skipping the shaker gives you a "clean, crisp, beautiful-looking martini" with no "bruised quality", which doesn't describe your Moonraker Elite after getting into a slappers-only fight with Oddjob in the Stack

So why the hell did Britain's foremost spy, who bangs at least twice a movie, mess up his cocktail order? Basically the same reason he did anything else: to prove he was the slickest guy in the room. "He’s mostly just being this hottie British high-class secret service agent," Bennett says, unafraid to call George Lazenby a hottie. "Ordering a cocktail at a bar like that would've been a really memorable thing.

And while you might assume the bar staff would hate such smug moves, Justin Fairweather of Evelyn Drinkery actually thinks plenty of bartenders would appreciate Bond's totally confident, totally off order. "You should feel comfortable telling a bartender exactly what you want. You know, when I get people who are like, 'Oh, but could you maybe make it a little citrusy,' or something like that, I’m just like, 'What are you asking me for?' When Bond says, 'Martini shaken, not stirred,' it’s like, f*ck, man, sure. I’m not going to question you.

Of course, Daniel Craig doesn't even want to follow the rules after they've already been broken