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One busted mug's going to Alcatraz

For anyone who's ever dreamed about making their dream Alcatraz getaway come true… well a) weird, and b) today's their lucky day. For a chance to get in on that illicit-liciousness, enter Big House Bourbon®'s Ugly Mugshot Sweepstakes right here on their Facebook, or, as they call it in prison, Mugshotbook

Here's how to enter:1)Like Big House Bourbon® on Facebook to access the App

2) Upload your bugfugliest face-forward mugshot (bugfugliest is an abbrev’d form of "busted", "fugly", and "ugliest" that all the hippest, most disaffected trendsetters are projected to use in summer 2013)

3) Sit back, and watch the magic happen

In addition to the grand prize winner, one lucky jailbird a week'll score $100 bail money, best used for making that "renting The Rock 50 consecutive times online" dream come true.