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The Greatest Beer Pong Dunk of All Time

Published On 08/19/2015 Published On 08/19/2015

In the pantheon of college drinking games, beer pong is the lightning-slinging Zeus that reigns over all the rest. Master that game, and you'll achieve legendary status at any party you attend. But how can you stand out in an already crowded field of pong professionals?

Simple: You attempt the vaunted "beer pong dunk," and nail it in truly spectacular fashion. The video below, submitted to Barstool Dixie by an anonymous reader, shows a talented athlete doing exactly that, soaring like a bird over a Phi Kappa Theta pong table and absolutely crushing the competition.


β€” Barstool Dixie (@barstooldixie) August 18, 2015
Is his elbow is technically over the line? Of course it is, you stickler, but this move transcends the rules of traditional beer pong, elevating the already great sport to an even greater art. Also, as we all know, most beer pong dunks aren't half as graceful or impressive as this one:



'Nuff said.

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