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New Study Says Coffee Is Basically Viagra

Coffee: good for preventing cardiovascular diseaseand boner problems! The latest research out of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston shows men who consume two to three cups of coffee a day are less likely to experience erectile dysfunction than their caffeine-deprived peers.

This landmark study hit the journal PLOS ONE just a few weeks ago. In it, the UT Health team suggests 170-375mg of caffeine a day can lower the odds of ED. The conclusion was based off data gathered from 3,724 men, who were all asked about their caffeine intake and, uh, performance. The scientists found the ones with a greater caffeine dependency reported a lower incidence of ED than the gents who were drinking 0-7mg a day. While we didn't realize there were people out there consuming 0mg of caffeine, a word to the wise, guys: opt for the dark roast over a pricey prescription.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and is so glad these scientists are tackling the important research. Follow her at @kristin_hunt.