Drink This Cocktail to Celebrate Virgo Season

This Beyoncé-themed drink combines whiskey, orange, and hibiscus liqueur.

Virgo’s Groove
Virgo’s Groove | Photo by Cole Saladino for Thrillist
Virgo’s Groove | Photo by Cole Saladino for Thrillist

Is it our fault that Beyoncé just happens to be the perfect metaphor for her Virgo sun sign?

Hear us out: The best-selling artist lives up to the earth sign’s reputation of being a diligent administrator (just watch her dole out loving but firm guidance in her Homecoming documentary), yet doesn’t let her music career define her entirely. She’s branched out into fashion and even film production, while finding balance in being a wife and mother.

Finally, the multi-hyphenate performer somehow keeps all of us nosey fans out of her business, despite her global fame.

Virgo is symbolized by a maiden grasping a shaft of wheat—someone who belongs to herself, yet is also in tune with her ability to grow things outside of herself. Arriving August 23 and leading us into fall, this is a sign that asks us to remain adaptable, with an awareness of our unique gifts and what we’re capable of creating.

Mull it over with “Virgo’s Groove,” an aromatic cocktail that reflects a hue of changing leaves and celebrates Black Business Month with Uncle Nearest Whiskey and Sorel hibiscus liqueur. Just like the song, the cocktail reminds us that, as hard as Virgo works, pleasure and passion prove just as important.

Virgo’s Groove Recipe

• 3 dashes orange bitters
• 3 dashes Angostura bitters
• 1.5 ounces Sorel hibiscus liqueur
• 1.5 ounces Uncle Nearest Whiskey

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a hibiscus flower.

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Danielle Dorsey is the West Coast Editor for Thrillist.