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Watch a madman tap a keg by basically dynamiting it

Published On 08/27/2013 Published On 08/27/2013
Keg detonator

Your last kegger was a pretty good time (man, 2004 was such a great year, let's talk about it for a while...) but let's be honest: it could've used more explosions. The adrenaline junkies at RatedRR understand this, which is why they decided to take some kegs out into the desert and blow them the eff up. These 'splosions were achieved through a whole spool of detonation cords. In case you're not up on your fuses, det cords are basically plastic tubes loaded with PETN, the explosive cousin of nitroglycerine. The first run of this experiment set up one keg with 5ft of detonation cords, and it was a fiery masterpiece. But then the dude wired two kegs with 80ft of det cords and it was SO MUCH COOLER. Watch it all right here:



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