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Drink the insanely improbable 35% ABV beer that's also hard liquor

Published On 07/10/2013 Published On 07/10/2013
Watt Dickie ice distilled beer

Is it better to drink beer or spirits? The mavericks at Brew Dog say: shut up and drink both, because we're mavericks. With their newest offering Watt Dickie, a so-called "ice distilled beer" that starts as an IPA and becomes hard liquor, the brewers are blurring more lines than Alan Thicke's pervy son. This mutant booze product begins life as a plain old beer before getting seriously jacked up through "freezing alchemy" into a drinkable spirit. No carbonation, no weird Four Loko shenanigans -- just an IPA that'll knock you on your ass if you chug it. Brew Dog is keeping their process/wizardry a secret for the time being, but remember: they're giving you a beer-booze hybrid with 35% ABV, so who cares. You can snag some 60 mL bottles on their website for about $5.50 a pop (plus UK shipping...) right now or hold out for the big 700 mL bottles dropping later this year.



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