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Drink the insanely improbable 35% ABV beer that's also hard liquor

Watt Dickie ice distilled beer

Is it better to drink beer or spirits? The mavericks at Brew Dog say: shut up and drink both, because we're mavericks. With their newest offering Watt Dickie, a so-called "ice distilled beer" that starts as an IPA and becomes hard liquor, the brewers are blurring more lines than Alan Thicke's pervy son.This mutant booze product begins life as a plain old beer before getting seriously jacked up through "freezing alchemy" into a drinkable spirit. No carbonation, no weird Four Loko shenanigans -- just an IPA that'll knock you on your ass if you chug it. Brew Dog is keeping their process/wizardry a secret for the time being, but remember: they're giving you a beer-booze hybrid with 35% ABV, so who cares.You can snag some 60 mL bottles on their website for about $5.50 a pop (plus UK shipping...) right now or hold out for the big 700 mL bottles dropping later this year.