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Bud Light has a secret party town, and you could be a resident

Previously, the only people with "secret party towns" were enterprising kidnappers and lying high school freshmen. But now Bud Light is making the game legit with Whatever, USA, an anything-goes destination that you can visit, if you play your cards right.

This new promotion is a super-sized extension of the "Up for Whatever" campaign Bud Light launched during the Super Bowl. (Remember the guy they picked to play ping-pong with Schwarzenegger?) Bud Light is calling on fans to submit 10-second audition videos for a chance to spend the weekend of September 5-7 in Whatever, USA where the lucky few will participate in a bunch of fun, undisclosed activities. Though over 100,000 have already auditioned, only about 1,000 will win (Whatever, USA is apparently more of a township than a town). After checking out the competition on Bud Light's YouTube channel, submit your vid by August 31 for a shot at the mysterious revelry. We have it on good authority that at least one of the Bachelorettes and all of The Pips will be there.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and hopes Whatever, USA will be offering ping-pong rematches with Arnie. Follow her to the choppa at @kristin_hunt.