9 Whisper confessions from coffee addicts

Whisper coffee confession

Almost everyone starts their day with a fresh cup of joe, though not everyone claims they "might be in prison" without it. Those bragging rights go to a select few caffeine-addled souls, all of whom seem to enjoy posting secrets to Whisper just as much as a good dark roast blend. Below you'll find some of the craziest coffee confessions off the app. Proceed with caution, 'cause these guys get cranky without at least three cups.

I change coffee shops frequently so they don't know I'm #addicted

I drank so much coffee this morning my eyes are twitching

I have coffee and tea k-cups in my purse at all times for emergency purposes.  #caffeineatalltimes

if coffee didn't exist, I might be in prison.

the most dangerous drinking game is seeing how long i can go without coffee

I probably drank 12 cups of coffee today because I love my pumpkin spice creamer too much.

Coffee in the morning is better than sex in the morning

I'm so addicted to Starbucks that I look for coins under my mattress just to get my morning iced coffee

I feel like I can't be smart without coffee. Think I might be developing a dependency?

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and gets twitchy after two cups of coffee. Follow her to tea as an alternative at @kristin_hunt.

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