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Enter to win a weeklong getaway courtesy of The Glenrothes

All those good times spent with loved ones might finally pay off, thanks to The Glenrothes' Vintage Moments Competition. Enter for a chance to win a trip for two to their distillery in Scotland, a grand prize that definitely warrants breaking out the bagpipes... assuming you've had a minimum 10+ years of practice for the love of god.To enter, send in a short write-up describing an amazing memory in 750 characters or less (sorry George R. R. Martin) along with an optional digital photo. He whose "Glenrothes Vintage Moment" is chosen will be whisked away to the Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands to stay at the estate's private Rothes House, and learn the time-honed art of whisky-making firsthand at the distillery. He'll even create a new Vintage of The Glenrothes that'll be released when it reaches maturity. When is that? According to a commenter in one search engine's results, it's when "it can grow a full beard". Source, sir? "My beard". Checks out.This summer getaway also offers the chance to explore the Highlands, and since the trip is for two, it's the perfect way to make amends after telling a loved one that "all those good times together finally paid off!"