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Yuengling is set to conquer yet another state

Yuengling lager
Adam Lapetina

Yuengling, which flows in the veins of all Pennsylvanians, is slowly making its way around New England. First, it made its glorious return to Massachusetts after 20 years of absence. Now, Yuengling is relaunching in Connecticut.

According to The Courant, Yuengling -- the oldest brewer in the nation -- is in the middle of coordinating a timeline with the Connecticut Beer Wholesalers Association, and has also met with state liquor control officials to get the lager flowing. Though the exact date of its raid on Connecticut remains a mystery, the beer should be ready to hit the state this year, possibly even as soon as this Summer. The roll-out would mark the first time Yuengling has been available in CT since 1996, a year that also saw the discontinuation of Murder, She Wrote in Connecticut and the world.

This obviously calls for a toast, but until the Yuengling arrives, you'll just have to settle for raising ice cream pints instead of real ones.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist. The scariest moment of her life went down when an NY bartender told her Philly friends they didn't have "lager". Follow her at @kristin_hunt.