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A Gatorade rim might just make this THE cocktail of the summer

Gatorade: while it's theoretically meant to quench your thirst after really intense kickball games, everyone knows it's actually for mitigating your pain after a long night of drinking -- and now it's finally ready to be involved in causing said pain as well. Newly opened NYC restaurant Cull & Pistol is highlighting their chelada menu with The Gator 2.0, which might just end up being the drink you're guzzling all summer long. Based on what the owner sucks down while golfing (presumably very well!), this refresher only requires three ingredients: a light pilsner (or basically anything else summery), lemonade (or if you're a true maniac, limeade), and that Gatorade powder that you mix into water to make much stronger, more awesome Gatorade.You'll need some of this. Make sure to knock some of the electrolytes out of the cap, where this diagram shows they live.Wet and roll the rim in the powder. You'll probably be using a Solo cup, but you get the ideaFill with beer. If you actually have a keg, take a long second to be very proud of yourself.Top it all off with lemonade and ice.And stay frosty.