Angel’s Share and Sunrise Mart in the East Village Close Due to Rent Dispute

Four long-running businesses on the same block owned by a single parent company shuttered this weekend.

For a famed East Village block that had long been known as a destination for Japanese food and culture, this weekend marked the end of an era.

Located at 4 Stuyvesant St. between Third Avenue and E Ninth St., for close to two decades, it was home to multiple Japanese establishments run by the Yoshida Restaurant Group, including the much-beloved speakeasy, Angel’s Share; popular izakaya, Village Yokocho; supermarket, Sunrise Mart; and bakery, Pan Ya.

And now, according to New York Times reporter Alex Vadukul, all four businesses have officially shuttered due to “a very old and long-term lease arrangement finally coming to an end” with their landlord, Cooper Union.

A spokesperson for Cooper Union also told the EV Grieve, “Unfortunately, the tenant informed us of their decision to vacate the property. They were not asked to move out, despite the fact that they haven’t paid any rent since 2020. We have repeatedly sought to arrive at a good-faith agreement.”

Once known for having a large concentration of Japanese restaurants, bars, and shops, the closures come at a time as the East Village continues to undergo ongoing gentrification and new development, and as local businesses showcasing Japanese culture continue to close.

Especially for pioneers like Angel’s Share—which opened in 1993 and was ahead of its time before craft cocktails and speakeasies became mainstream in NYC—known for its romantic ambiance, signature mural of celestial baby angels, and lychee martinis, the announcement serves as a devastating loss for both the neighborhood and and city.

News on whether any of the spots will reopen is currently unclear, but a glimpse of hope was given as an Angel’s Share bartender reportedly told Grub Street, “It won’t be the same, but we’re taking the painting with us.”

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