The Popular 25-Cent Martini Deal at Anton’s Was Shut Down by the State

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Welp. It seemed too good to be true—and it turns out, it was.

Anton’s short-lived 25-cent martini program came to an abrupt halt this weekend when chef Nick Anderer learned of a State Liquor Authority ban on offering drink specials for less than 50% of the original cost, he wrote in an Instagram post. The restaurant plans to sell martinis for $9 each during lunch for the rest of the month, in compliance with the state mandate.

“Due to an obscure NY State liquor law, of which we were completely unaware, and for which we received no warning or notice, we can no longer offer 25-cent martinis and Manhattans,” Anderer wrote in the post. “Wish us luck as we battle through a pending SLA case… And please don’t cancel your lunch reservations.”

The restaurant got off with a warning, according to the New York Post, as the SLA did not issue Anton’s an official violation.

Other restaurants and bars around the city clamored to offer drink deals that were equally as buzzy as the quarter martinis, but now they’re also walking back the promotions to comply with state laws. Jolene, restaurateur Gabe Stulman’s latest venture on Great Jones Street, announced it would offer $1 martinis during its Friday lunch service, but quickly canceled the deal.

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