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This Map Shows Every Single Brewery & Brewpub in New York State

Published On 07/12/2016 Published On 07/12/2016
map of every brewery in new york state
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Now that you've successfully binged through all of Orange Is the New Black in your AC-less apartment in the middle of a 90-degree heat wave, it seems like a good time to actually get outside and do something -- specifically something that involves drinking. Like... maybe attempting to drink your way through the state of New York? 

Chris O'Leary of Brew York just made it easy for you to do just that by plotting every single brewery and brewpub in all of New York state on one handy map. O'Leary told us he started the map as a reference for himself when planning a road trip up to the Hudson Valley, and from there, decided to do the entire state. To collect data, he used the New York State Liquor Authority database, scouring hundreds of licenses on file, as well as pending licenses for places that have applied, but not yet opened. 

Given the rapid rate of growth of New York's beer scene, there's never been a better time for something like this (by O'Leary's count, there are 275 breweries/brewpubs in total -- over 300 if you count ones with pending licenses). 

One of the coolest findings from the project, O'Leary says, is the that the Finger Lakes, typically known for being a wine region, "are rife with breweries, especially around Keuka Lake and Seneca Lake."

O'Leary says he's going to try to update the map as much as possible, especially since there seems to be at least one opening every week in the state, so keep checking back to plan your next beer vacation. 

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