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Work From ‘Home’ at NYC’s Best Coffee Shops

Updated On 12/10/2019 at 05:00PM EST Updated On 12/10/2019 at 05:00PM EST
devocion williamsburg
Devoción in Williamsburg | Liz Clayman
A fashionable nook from the force behind Sweet Chick. | Rebecca Lader
Get work done at a booth, on a bar stool, or in the open back room at the Brooklyn Kolache Co. | Diana Davis Creative
Creativity bounces off the walls at this tourist-free refuge. | Courtesy of The Chipped Cup
Guest or not, this hostel takes care of you. | Courtesy of The Local
The Jay Street spot's wide-open space can make any day more peaceful. | Courtesy of Brooklyn Roasting Company
Natural light is plentiful in this modern workspace. | Casandra Rosario
Bring your energy to this buzzing Queens hangout. | Courtesy of Gossip Coffee
Just follow the narrow green hallway. | Kyler Alvord
Head to the back for comfy chairs and couches to work from. | Courtesy of Ground Central Coffee Company
It's like a friendly Barnes & Noble. | Hilary Schuhmacher (2018)
Have you ever seen a more scenic coffee shop? | Liz Clayman
Forget a cabin in the mountains -- take a writer's retreat in the Lower East Side. | Black Cat LES
Kinship knows better than to close up shop at 6. | Danny Rangel
It's like an indoor Elizabeth Street Garden. | Antoinette N./Yelp
Coffee Tossy brings a valuable workspace to Greenpoint Avenue. | Kyler Alvord
Climb the outdoor steps and enter a warmly lit oasis. | Kyler Alvord