Brooklyn Brewery's superhero beer for NY Comic Con will make you feel like one

Brooklyn Defender NY Comic Con 2013
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He prowls the city at night looking for evil-doers. He wears a majestic, flowing cape. He appears to have a broken beer tap in his utility belt

No, it's not Fratman. It's Batman's hard-partying friend The Brooklyn Defender, a caped crusader who lends his visage to Brooklyn Brewery's special superhero ale, which will hit Gotham City in the lead-up to NY Comic Con

This is the Brooklyn Defender's second Comic Con appearance, though the guy pictured above is way different from the boozy Thor that Brooklyn Brewery debuted in 2012. He was designed by Cliff Chiang, a.k.a. the current Wonder Woman comic artist, and he defends the bars of NYC from the "Foam Jobs", led by the villainous Skunk. (If you liked that superhero pun, you're going to lovethe press release, which also includes a choice riff on that famous Watchmen line.) As for the beer he comes with, it's an American Black Ale with a 7.6 percent ABV

The brew will officially drop at a bash in The Brooklyn Brewery Tasting Room on Saturday, September 21. There will be giveaways and an open bar for the occasion, but if you're busy practicing your web slings that night, you can still drink The Brooklyn Defender at one of six Pint Nights around town. You might even win a Comic Con pass while you're there, but remember: these deals are all while supplies last.

Any straggler supply of The Brooklyn Defender will be served as a special at three Manhattan bars during Comic Con, but you're going to wanna move on this long before then. For even more info on this mysterious brew hero, check out the video below