What happens when you mix horse racing, cocktails, a bistro, and chicken wings in Williamsburg

Proving they can deliver more effectively than the actual one, the team behind the whiskey bar Post Office just expanded their boozy Brooklyn holdings Southward with OTB, a grant, airy hall of horse-racery, cocktails, and bistro stylings

Some of the initial inspiration for the place was taken from the fact that they got their hands on these really cool horse medallions that're currently embedded in the floor

Be careful after the big race concludes, as many bowler-hatted newsmen will be rushing to these booths to make frantic, shouting calls to their editors.

Seats around the communal table up front are meant to resemble stands, though they were actually jacked from a nearby school that was getting rid of them

The art is all Burt Glinn (the chef's father), who's photographed everyone from Warhol, to Allen Ginsberg, to some sweet dude with an eyepatch. Here they use his stuff to make things a little more bistro-y (and in cases like the above, more stripper-y) with photos of old NYC debauchery and scenes from Paris

The 'tails are separated into two categories: the classics, and new iterations of them. This is the old-school Hemingway Daiquiri, and it's delicious

And this is its modern counterpart, the Ruby Rum, which throws in Aperol for some boozy bitterness, plus some homemade mint syrup instead of Luxardo for the sweetness

A take on the Sea Breeze, The Zephyr's packed with crushed ice (because they have "a giant awesome ice crusher"), Dorothy Parker gin (from nearby New York Distilling Co), homemade cranberry reduction, and cinnamon syrup

Now this is just a great idea: The Winner's Circle, a selection of liquors that the owner is into at the moment and wants to feature. What we have here is Mackmyra, the only Swedish whiskey, and Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey, which, according to the menu, is a great morning whiskey

They've also got this jar of hot pepper tequila -- it's going to be used in the way you'd use bitters, and is too hot to actually take shots of, so definitely don't ask

The food's basically everything the chef loves to eat, so it's a good thing he likes some awesome stuff, like this raw hamachi with a soy sauce reduction, blood orange, and Sherry vinegar

Because the best part of escargot is usually dipping the bread in the garlicky butter sauce at the end, they've taken it out of that silly compartmentalized plate for maximum dippage

Since "it's actually really hard to find good wings", they've gone and made some great ones, which get hit with buttery hot sauce w/ pickled mustard seed and grilled lemon, then sided with fennel sticks instead of celery

They're also rocking steak-housian indulgences (Luger's is across the street) like this almost-raw lobster tail with just a touch of salt and butter, because "that's all you need". That and for the damn superfecta to hit in the seventh! C'mon!