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Stage one of a massive party complex in South Williamsburg

Get ready to dance, because behind that massive garage door above, which itself is directly underneath the Williamsburg Bridge, lies the initial portion of a massive complex that by next year will house a sprawling dance club, a rooftop bar, and what's already there for you right now: a hangout/party hub for people who like that thing called electronic music. It's all from the underground party people from BLKMarket Membership and Tar & Feathered, and it aims to feature a dance-y yet sometimes chill scene, much like your shower in the morning when your neighbor flushes

The party will roll 'til 4a every night, but they're hoping to get people in here for the first stop of their night, as well. Sirening that call is this chilled-out space with two communal tables lit by desk lamp chandeliers, seating along the walls, and a centerpiece DJ booth that'll be helmed by scene heavies flown in from all over, like Stimming and Brit hitter Greg Wilson. No relation to Brian. Either of them

The whole place is built like a studio, with speakers hanging from the ceiling and bass traps along the walls, which makes it sound a lot cooler than the $2500 studios in Manhattan

This is what it looks like during the day. And by day, we mean 8a, which is when they'll be opening up for business

On Sunday, that means eight long hours of partying before the actual party starts at 4p and runs to midnight. And definitely don't sleep on the to-come larger club ("before the end of this year"), and rooftop beer bar ("next summer"). Which should be easy, since, if you're planning on hanging out here, you probably don't sleep at all anyway.