The Seaport's destination for sno-cones, burgers, and a rooftop park

Watermark Bar

Head to the end of Pier 15, right next to Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club and that giant sailboat that is surely owned by pirates, and you'll find this park-topped bar & grill that's definitely a contender for the go-to spot of the Summer for outdoor drinking and boat-watching (the great American pastime -- suck it, sober car-watching). Oh, and burgers, cocktails, and alcoholic sno-cones don't hurt either.

Watermark Bar - Rooftop Park

That's right, a rooftop park.

Watermark Bar - burger

Technically, there's no boozing on the rooftop since it's a public park, but there are no laws against stuffing your face hard with completely delicious burgers.

Watermark Bar - lobster roll

Also legal: their lobster roll on a toasted 'n' buttered bun.

Watermark Bar - The Watermark Dog

Their specialty Watermark Dog is topped with their special sauce, caramelized onions, and bacon bits.

Watermark Bar - the bar

You CAN, however, drink at the bar (or on those roped-in picnic tables above), and, by "drink", we mean house alcoholic sno-cones...

Watermark Bar - Snow Cone

All the cocktails are designed by Jeremy Strawn (formerly of Mulberry Project, currently of Black Hound downtown), and this is the promised sno-cone. No paper cups here, just smoothly chunked ice, flavors like "Blue" or "Red", and "highly concentrated grain spirit", which means "you won't really taste the alcohol, but you'll feel it".

Watermark Bar - Margarita

A frozen margarita topped with a pilsner. You'll definitely want to mix up these levels though.

Watermark Bar - Bourbon Iced Tea

And even though you can't take it up to the green, they've got a version of a John Daly: blood orange and mint tea steeped with bourbon, poured over honey lemonade. If John Daly is actually conscious, he approves.