How to stuff your face silly for pennies in the East Village

The best way to find the cheap places to eat in your hood? Move out of New York City! Or alternatively, ask a bartender.

We opted for the latter, and tagged along with Justin Fairweather from Evelyn Drinkery and Pete Canny from The Wayland, who get together every Tuesday to skateboard between gloriously cheap deals at four choice East Village spots. Everyone knows there's no way to save money quite like eating four dinners. 

Cheapskate Tuesdays - Cheeseburger at The Cardinal
Duke Royel

First up: The Cardinal on 4th St, which doubles as the most filling stop. Whether or not it's wise to make it the first one is debatable. Here, $12 gets you a "perfectly ratio'd bun to meat" burger or pulled pork sando along with a Narragansett tall boy

Cheapskate Tuesdays - Sauces at The Cardinal
Andrew Zimmer

They've got you covered with mustard, vinegar, tomato, and standard BBQ sauces -- they're free! Which is also cheap!

Cheapskate Tuesdays - Bruce Springsteen Jean Jacket
Andrew Zimmer

And the Cheapskate crew has their bodies covered with Springsteen jean jackets

Cheapskate Tuesdays - Shots of Fernet at The Cardinal
Andrew Zimmer

The most fun way ever to digest things: fernet. It's time to hustle over to the next stop: Upstate Craft Beer and Oyster Bar on First Ave

Cheapskate Tuesdays - Blue Door in the East Village
Andrew Zimmer

On our way we pass Blue Door, "the perfect place if you're into porn, kung-fu, or porn-fu"

Oysters at Upstate
Andrew Zimmer

Luckily, that wasn't TOO distracting: you've gotta get to Upstate before 7p to take advantage of their also-$12 deal: a NY craft tap (we went with the Ithaca Ground Break Saison) and six select oysters. While they may basically cost a dollar, these are NOT dollar oysters -- they're the real deal, running from Kumamotos to massive Beavertails

Cheapskate Tuesdays - Soloman Lang of Bustin Boards
Andrew Zimmer

Solomon Lang from Bustin Boards pops in and ups the Awesome Dread Quotient significantly.

Cheapskate Tuesdays - Whiskey Bread at Upstate
Andrew Zimmer

"Don't sleep on the whiskey cake".

Cheapskate Tuesdays - Soloman Lang Skating at Upstate
Andrew Zimmer

Skate break

Cheapskate Tuesdays - Ben Robinson leaning on Hop Devil taco sign
Andrew Zimmer

Despite this sign actually being in front of the wrong bar, it's Taco Tuesday at Hop Devil Grill on St. Mark's, which means you get as many $1 tacos as you want with the purchase of any beer

Cheapskate Tuesdays - Betting at Hop Devil Grill
Andrew Zimmer

To keep things interesting, the guys always bet on what time time the tacos will come, down to the minute, with Price Is Right-style rules -- closest without going over wins. Because they're cheap, bets top out at $1 a piece. Basically, the winner gets his tacos for free

Cheapskate Tuesdays - Hard Taco is the move at Hop Devil grill
Andrew Zimmer

Very important rule: always go hard shell here. The chorizo and chicken are the dual highlights, but they've got beef and a veggie as well.

Cheapskate Tuesdays - A Cheap Place to Eat in the East Village
Andrew Zimmer

That's a thing of beauty. Those High Lifes and a whiskey shot are definitely the way to go.

Cheapskate Tuesdays - Lucy's
Andrew Zimmer

Lucy's wasn't in the original plan but it sure is cheap

Cheapskate Tuesdays - Lucy at Lucy's
Andrew Zimmer

"Canadian Club. You want it?"

Cheapskate Tuesdays - Shots of Power at Lucy's
Andrew Zimmer

We actually go with Powers.

Cheapskate Tuesdays - The Brisket Sandwich at Duck's Eatery
Andrew Zimmer

On to BBQ haven Ducks Eatery on 12th St. Come in on Tuesdays and mention you heard about it on Thrillist, and you can get this brisket sandwich with cheese and slaw on Texas toast, plus a can of Genny, for just $12

Cheapskate Tuesdays - Mo' Money Mo' Problems
Andrew Zimmer

We bet again, and Pete is a very happy man. And a full one.

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