Think spreadsheets suck? Well then you probably won't be interested in checking out this iCloud spreadsheet that sorts NYC bars by price, happy hour, and rating (using information gathered from Foursquare), with places like Blind Tiger, Ward III, and Barcade ranking super high, and places like Howl at the Moon, 7th Gear, and Bar 360 ranking near the bottom. Wait, you are interested??? But only if there's a map version to carry around with you tonight? Well the dude behind this (Max Woolf. And yes, that's his real name...) has got you covered there, as well. Someone on Reddit even went as far as turning it into an interactive Google Map. God bless the Internet.

Julie Cerick is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist and is disappointed at how few of these cheap happy hours she's been to. Yell at her on Twitter.



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