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$2 midnight Jell-O shots are now happening at The Meatball Shop

At the end of last week, your college dreams came true (no, not unlimited Breakfast-for-Dinner at the dining hall... French toast sticks FTW). The delicious and ever-present Meatball Shop has decided to start serving post-midnight, night-cap Jell-O shots at all of their locations (except the LES, for some depressing reason) for a whopping $2. And really, who cares about an extra $2 when you're already knee-deep in a spicy pork meatball smash and fresh-milled polenta?!

Your fun-loving self will thank you immediately.

Julie Cerick is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist. She is known for being easily won over by nothing more than a heaping basket of French fries. Follow her on Twitter.