"Liquid Xanax" is what you'll be drinking during happy hour at Winnie's

The Luster - Winnie's Main

Adding to the Refinery Hotel's arsenal of food and drink spots (Parker & Quinn, their forthcoming rooftop bar), leather bound gentleman's den lobby bar Winnie's has devised a cocktail program that's meant to have aphrodisiacal and relaxing properties beyond regular cocktails. But they didn't just give up on booze.

Interior - Winnie's

If you were wondering what was glowing behind that beautiful drink up top, it's their beautiful bar, complete with leather-bound bar rails and stools. Said drink is the Luster and, aside from being nice and refreshing, it's also meant to reverse aging -- thanks to the antioxidants in the cucumber and white cranberry mixed with the gin -- as well as be something of an aphrodisiac.

Woodruff Syrup - Winnie's

They've produced a selection of brews and concoctions that they craft in-house to up the ante of their 'tails -- this one's their Woodruff syrup, made from a European herb that's said to be a mood enhancer. The barman here also believes it's the secret ingredient in trending bartender fave Chartreuse.

Fiorello - Winnie's

Here's that "Liquid Xanax", aka, the Fiorello, which's specially designed to ease you out of your workday (goodbye drink a 40 in the bathroom stall!). It's made with Irish whiskey, passion flower tea (suck it, passion fruit), and kava-kava, an Indian herb which has been used for 1000yrs as a "mood lifter and anxiety reducer". So, in short, a couple of these and you'll be real nice, in every way imaginable.

The Struggle Buggy - Winnie's

If you're just starting your night and in the mood for more of an "upper", don't ask the gum guy in the bathroom, he's a total narc!!, check out the Struggle Buggy made with mezcal (one of the few liquors that gives you a boost sans caffeine), pineapple, tamarind, anise, and ginger (another natural stimulant).

Cloche & Dagger at Winnie's

Their drinks also help you work up an appetite for more than just pizza at 4a. Tuck into the Cloche & Dagger, which is made with vodka, pear nectar, mango nectar, and curry, which is a natural appetite stimulant. So is nearby pizza, though, we're pretty sure.

Conch Fritters - Winnie's

Good thing your appetite is in high gear now, because they've got some killer small plates with everything from charcuterie, to a dip tower of various grilled pita toppables, to these conch fritters with spicy dipping sauce.

Pork Buns - Winnie's

Hell yes, they've also got pork buns.