This beer hall has the biggest pretzel you've ever seen... and shot skis

Reichenbach Hall - Giant Pretzel

Midtown (specifically the Bead District!) is now home to a giant beer hall, and it's packed to the sudsy gills with huge wooden communal tables, barrels, bags of malt, and an overriding Oktoberfest-tent vibe that will make you want to stare people in the eye, yell "Prost!", and house some beers before doing the same with pretzels bigger than your torso

Obviously, there are sausages, from a bowl of cocktail franks, to this one jammed with cheese that oozes out when you take a bite

Pull up a seat and get ready for the beers

They're running with an all-German selection that boasts some more unusual options, including Sion kolsch, Schofferhofer hefeweizen, and a Reichenbach Pils that they get made just for them using a secret recipe they weren't quite ready to divulge. Naturally, they're all available in giant steins

Or das boots

Also, feel free to drink legit German schnapps, Austrian rum, wine, or boring Jager shots with three friends from their array of shot skis

And here's one of those enormous pretzels. 6'6'' editor included for scale.

Reichenbach Hall - cheese sausage
Reichenbach Hall - interior
Reichenbach Hall - big stein
Reichenbach Hall - das boot
Reichenbach Hall - shot ski
Reichenbach Hall - Andrew Zimmer and the giant pretzel