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New York's Most Hungover Neighborhood Is...

Look no further than a miserable L train on a Monday morning, or the queue at the office coffee machine, and you're likely to find a hungover New Yorker. However, some parts of town party way harder than others, resulting in higher concentrations of "Damn, that guy looks rough." But which hoods are the most hungover?

Well, according to a new chart from none other than The Hangover Club, a service offering in-home IV therapy to cure your hangovers , Tribeca requested the company's hangover service the most, making it NYC's most hungover. Why are you paying for IV hangover drips, Tribeca?

Greenwich Village/the Meatpacking District tied for second place, followed by the East Village, Chelsea, and the Upper West Side. Williamsburg, the Theater District, and the Upper East Side are also received "honorable mentions" in the ranking -- though it's unclear what's so honorable about feeling like crap. The Hangover Club's chart also includes the top professions reported by the company's customers, revealing that folks in the advertising biz rely on the service the most, probably thanks to their Mad Men-style drinking habits. 

Of course, the company's customer demographics don't take into account all the normals who just suck it up and eat greasy food, chug Gatorade, and pound ibuprofen, rather than paying $175 or more for freaking IV therapy. Plenty of people are hurting in other neighborhoods, too. They're just probably saving their money to pay their bar tabs, in all likelihood. 

Check out the full chart below:

Courtesy of The Hangover Club

Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and, luckily, hasn't had a debilitatingly-bad hangover in a long time. Send tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.