Since the government shafted you, at least enjoy these hookups

Brother Jimmy's ribs

Tax Day's here, and you're a little more broke because of the government, plus a little more broke than that, because you had to pay an accountant to tell you. So here're five deals around town to make life a touch better, plus some hilarious and/or terrifying facts about the history of taxes, for absolutely no reason other than that they're hilarious and/or terrifying.

The Deal: All Brother Jimmy's locations aside from the one on 8th Ave want to give you 50% off everything all day, plus an Uncle Jimmy's April Tax Card that gets you 20% off everything for the rest of the month. You'll basically be swimming in fish bowls and ribs. If swimming in ribs is possible.The Fact: In 1991, after the Bulls beat the Lakers in the NBA Finals, California levied the so-called "jock tax" on players from Chicago earning income in their state. Also known as the "poor loser tax"

The Deal:Ducks Eatery has assembled the "I Got 1099 Problems" tasting menu: for $35 you get six courses including "Deez Nuts" (roasted cashews w/ bacon, cherries, and Cocoa Crispies), smoked lamb corn dogs, and a whole smoked goat neck. Look over the menu to see what you won't be ordering, because that deal is awesomeThe Fact: The first electronic filing of a tax return happened on January 24, 1986. By a NERD

The Deal: All ESquared Hospitality spots (BLT Bar & Grill, BLT Steak, Casa Nonna...) are offering 50% off all cocktails, beer, and wine by the glass and bottle.The Fact: The IRS mails out eight billion pages of instructions and tax forms each year, or 300,000 trees. Captain Planet would freak the eff out.

The Deal: Since the champagne of champagnes is too expensive after The Man just took all your money, underground Chelsea bar The Tippler is doing High Life ponies for just $2, and Zwack shots for $5. The Fact: The first known system of taxation happened in Ancient Egypt around 3000 BC, when peasants were forced to either give a fifth of their grain to the Pharaoh, or work as forced laborers if they couldn't get in on the grain train

The Deal: Head to Midtown and grab 20% off all food at all-day spot The LCL -- what that means to you is at least three applewood bacon-filled sourdough grilled cheeses.The Fact: Russian monarch Peter the Great taxed beards. And also souls and chimneys and basements.

Brisket from Ducks Eatery
BLT Burger
Drinks from the Tippler
The LCL interior