A Murray Hill sports bar with Gatorade cocktails

A beautiful centaur of a pub, club, beer garden, and sports bar, Murray Bar comes from the team who first set up shop in the space upstairs at The Cash Bar (whose entrance is still hidden behind the ATM up front). Now they've turned the downstairs into a long brick and leather alley of sports memorabilia, TVs, and some wonderfully bonkers touches like the turf-covered back room called the "Field of Dreams"

To wit: a mother-effing all-Gatorade cocktail list, with athlete-themed "dehydrate/rehydrate" 'tails like the "Cuban Missile - Aroldis Chapman" with rum, fresh lime, simple syrup & lemon lime Gatorade, and the aptly named "The Big Hurt" with vodka, gin, tequila, white rum, triple sec, lemon lime Gatorade, and Jager

The front of the house is lined with famous moments in sports, and cocker spaniels

Why put up a photo of an athlete playing sports when you can go with a banner of his mug shot instead? Their challenge to Carmelo: win a championship and yours will come down. He's totally going to play harder now

Most of the place is decked in NY goods, but this is the Canadian corner -- not because they force people from Halifax to sit in these weird hand chairs, but because famous Canadian sports moments line the walls. you can't really see them in this photo, but there're a ton of famous Canadian sports moments. Promise

And they serve a nice collection of German brews back there, although drink too many, and you may be the one who's shoeless and sleeping in cornfields.