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27 NYC bars that are open on Christmas Day

Published On 12/25/2014 Published On 12/25/2014
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1. Ace Bar 531 E 5th St, New York, NY 10009

Ace Bar has been serving up cheap drinks to East Village locals since 1992 and is known for its laid-back atmosphere and excellent arcade game collection. The bar stretches two huge rooms and offers plenty of seating, as well as two pool tables, two dart boards, pinball, Big Buck Hunter, and Skee-Ball. It also has a special projection TV system for games and 12 beers on tap.

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2. Sing Sing Ave A 81 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009

Sing Sing Ave A, the karaoke and drinks bar, is quite a bit smaller than its East Village cousin. While the decision to go there is not a bad one, once you’re in that private room with a belly full of sake and a Jordin Sparks jam on deck, all bets are off.

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3. 230 Fifth 230 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

This vast, greenery-lined rooftop bar is one of New York's largest rooftop gardens, filled with one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and palm trees. While 230 Fifth is perfect for outdoor drinking in the summer for obvious reasons, it's also open year-round thanks to heat lamps and inflatable igloos, making the winter rooftop scene just as enticing.

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4. Molly's Shebeen 287 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10010

Molly's Shebeen in Murray Hill is an old school NYC Irish dive, through and through. The well worn space (complete with sawdust on the floor) has remained a favorite of locals and regulars since opening its doors in 1960. An extensive beer selection is obviously where Molly's shines -- it's a solid spot to grab a pint just based off atmosphere alone, not to mention the mile long menu of English and Irish drafts -- but if you're looking for a seriously satisfying burger, Molly's comes through on that front, as well. The cheeseburgers, piled high with crispy onion rings and all the fixings are what basic bar burgers aspire to be.

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5. P.J. Clarke's 915 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10022

A New York institution, P.J. Clarke's has delivered on the fancy cheeseburger promise since 1884. And while Midtown in the new millennia no longer projects late-20th century old money glam, the venue continues to maintain a setting of demure class. Come for the bacon cheeseburgers, stay for the exemplary cocktails.

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6. The Rum House 228 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

A piano, a multi-lantern chandelier, and red leather banquettes set the tone for this classic cocktail joint located in the Theater District. Serving up masterful, brag-worthy takes on your liquor go-to's, The Rum House is a cocktail purveyor through and through. Food isn't a focus here, so take your hunger to Hell's Kitchen and come back here for a most-sophisticated nightcap.

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7. Hudson Lodge 356 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019

Hudson Hotel's Hudson Lodge, lives up to its name with draping their low-lying wooden furniture with fur blankets, hanging taxidermied stag heads above their kingly communal tables, and setting up foam-blowing snow machines. The drinks are as boozy as they're chocolatey!

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8. Fanelli Cafe 94 Prince St, New York, NY 10012

Dim with dingy charm and the occasional dog panting in the window, you’d never know you were in Soho while in Fanelli's, home of the city’s greatest old-school burgers (the spot's been around since 1847!). You've got a choice between beef and bison, but you should opt for the rich and thick char-grilled bison on an onion roll. Add cheese or bacon if you please, but there’s nothing wrong with just a regular burger here (alongside a pint, of course).

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9. Ear Inn 326 Spring St, New York, NY 10013

More than a century ago, this SoHo watering hole was a hotspot for sailors waiting for their ships to dock. The Ear Inn is a designated landmark of the City of New York, and the cheeseburger is a designated bar burger of the City of New York (designated by Thrillist, of course). The prime sirloin number topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion is something you absolutely have to check off your NYC burger bucket list, whether you're from here or not. It’s big, it’s juicy, and it goes perfectly with a pint.

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10. Dorrian's Red Hand 1616 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028

Open since 1960, Dorrian’s is kind of like the Upper East Side’s very own Cheers. Its draft beers and well-priced cocktails are what neighborhood bars are made of, and the kitchen serves classic American comfort food like bacon cheeseburgers, club sandwiches, and mozzarella sticks until midnight.

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11. Bemelmans Bar 35 E 76th St, New York, NY 10021

If it weren’t for all the alcohol, you could mistake Bemelmans for the world’s most lavish nursery. That’s because the walls and lampshades are covered with whimsical illustrations from Ludwig Bemelmans, the man behind Madeline. But don’t come here with your kids on a Sunday afternoon; instead, come on Friday, and grab a table on the floor or, if you can, a spot in one of the rich chocolate-brown banquets around the perimeter of the room and listen to live jazz and piano in the evenings. There’s a cover charge past 9pm on Sunday and Monday and 9:30pm Tuesday-Saturday, so be sure to get there early for a first-come-first-serve spot. The menu is all class, from fine wines to cocktails like the pisco sour and top-notch martinis. While you sip, tilt your head back to catch a glimpse of the 24-karat gold leaf-covered ceiling.

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12. The Blind Tiger 281 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014

Arguably the epitome of a New York City craft beer bar and a true pioneer in the NYC craft scene, Blind Tiger’s been doling out a fine selection of the top tier libations since it opened in 1995. It’s the go-to spot to meet folks from your favorite breweries who happen to be swinging through town, and the tap takeovers are legendary to say the least. Sip from 28 taps, two casks and a staggering list of microbrew bottles.

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13. Johnny's Bar 90 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011

A colorful, lively tavern and taproom, Johnny's in the West Village is a neighborhood dive, through and through. No matter the day of the week, neighborhood barflies zip into this cozy counter space (the bar is roughly the size of a subway car) and knock a few back after hours. The collage-like aesthetic of the narrow, brick-walled interior space only adds to its friendly and intimate feel.

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14. The Turkey's Nest 94 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Right across from McCarren Park, Turkey's Nest is a dive bar in Williamsburg known for serving drinks in huge styrofoam cups. It has all the fixins of an actual dive: cheap drinks, pool tables, a few TVs, and a jukebox.