Two geniuses create the ultimate NYC coffee crawl

Here's how you get yourself a Thrillist reader gold star: we recently wrote about the 21 best coffee shops in America, and two readers noticed that three of them were in NYC, and even more, they were all within walking distance of one another. So they did what anyone should do: they went on a buzzed-out crawl and wrote about it.

Check out this excerpt:

"With hopes of walking off some caffeine we started towards 13 Essex Street on the Lower East Side to Café Grumpy. By the time we walked in, I had already felt like I had too much to drink. And after leaving here, two words came to mind… heart palpitations. The barista whipped us up what she called “The Gibraltar.” This is basically a macchiato’s big brother – and he runs the playground..." ... read the full story here.