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13 things you need to drink in NYC this fall

Fall is here. It’s happening, seriously, stop denying it. To be honest, there are lots of good things that happen in the fall -- there're leaves, there's football, there're vests, but most of all there's a whole new kind of drinking. So, much like in our fall eating guide, we’ve laid out the next 13 weekends for you again, but this time each has something autumnal for you to drink. Follow it exactly or don’t -- either way, these are things you should be drinking before winter hits.

September 26-28: Not iced coffee

You gotta start drinking it without ice again, so cope by adding a little booze and making it an Irish one, either right at your desk (Editor's note: baller.) or from a bar like Sweetwater Social, which's got a new one on their menu for the fall that has house-made cream.

October 3-5: A giant beer in a boot

Catch Oktoberfest before it "officially" ends at one of the remaining events on our Oktoberfest events master calendar, or just opt to keep it going all month long (hint: do both) and pour German lagers down your face at one of these spots with giant beers.

What to drink this fall NYC
Brittany Miller

October 10-12: Anything on a rooftop bar that’s still open

It’s not too late people. Press Lounge, 230 Fifth, Top of the Strand -- those are just a few of the ones that stay open year round. Keep the dream alive.

What to drink this fall NYC
Ashton McCleod

October 17-19: Tower of beer, a fishbowl, endless buckets of beer...

... or some other bro-y football-type stuff. If you’re into football, you’re probably already doing this, but if you're not, see how the other half lives and get to one of these great football bars, just for a day at least.

October 24-26: A boilermaker

There’s a new bar called Boilermaker, and they specialize in boilermakers (!!!) that take you past domestic lights and well booze (though they’ve got that, too) with options like a Victory Storm King with a shot of Ramazzotti, or Brooklyn Lager with Old Grand-Dad Bonded.

What to drink this fall NYC
Grant Condon

October 31-November 2: Punch

Look. It’s Halloween, which means you’re probably drinking a lot of whatever it is you pick, and if you’re out at a bar, you’re probably not being so picky about it. If you’re throwing a party though, may as well work up a big bowl of punch -- it’s like the "set it and forget it" of party planning.

November 7-9: Rock & Rye

This brand-new offering from Williamsburg’s NY Distilling Co. is their first rye release (they also do Navy Strength gin, Dorothy Parker American gin, and Chief Gowanus -- New-Netherland gin), which is created using New York state rye, and yields whiskey that’s then tempered with rock candy, dried cherries, cinnamon, and orange peel. Score yourself a bottle or head to the in-house distillery bar, The Shanty, for no-doubt, top-notch ‘tails made with the new spirit.

November 14-16: A nice dark craft beer/fall seasonal

Light beers with a lime in them are no longer acceptable (unless it’s before noon), so tuck into a seasonal brew, preferably dark and full bodied. There are approximately a billion bars you could do this at, but shoot for one of the city’s top beer bars, like Blind Tiger, The Pony Bar, or Torst.

November 21-23: Shot-and-a-beer combo...

... preferably in a dive bar that you no longer need to feel guilty about hanging out in all day because it’s a little colder, it gets dark a little earlier, and going for a run or whatever sounds horrible.

What to drink this fall NYC
Lee Breslouer

November 28-30: Cider

Whether it’s nonalcoholic from the Greenmarket, mulled, or hard (all the Cider Week (Oct 24-Nov 2) spots have this on lock), this is gonna feel so right. Especially with a leftover turkey/cranberry/stuffing sandwich.

December 5-7: A seasonal cocktail

Fall means a ton of your favorite bars are going to be rolling out brand-new menus fully loaded with an endless array of new libations to try, like the the brand-new Sekend Sun (which should be opening around Nov 1st) in Astoria, which'll be doing a Black Baby Grand with Irish whiskey, China China Amer, orange flower water, and barrel-aged Angostura bitters.

December 12-14: Whiskey

Fact: whiskey warms you up*. Fact: whiskey helps you get through the holidays*. Don’t drink it like a dummy, head to one of the best whiskey bars in the city.

*not facts... kinda

December 19-20: Eggnog...

... or anything from Rolf’s. We also suggest a schnapps tasting. Really just get there early as hell to make sure you can post up at the bar.

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Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist's NYC Editor and he doesn't understand why eggnog is reserved for the cold weather months, 'nog is always good. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.